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No divorce is easy, but it's fair to say that some divorces are harder than others. For these, it's important to seek out help from an experienced lawyer.

At the Atlanta, Georgia, office of Garfinkel Family Law, LLC, we have decades of experience with difficult issues in family law, such as:

Our attorney has been practicing law for more than 35 years and has helped hundreds of clients in Georgia and Florida to defend their rights, protect their children and reach better settlements or verdicts.

High Net-Worth Property Division

At the end of a marriage, the spouses must decide how to divide their marital property, in accordance with state law. This property division process is the most time-consuming part of many divorces, whether the couple is wealthy or not. However, it can be particularly difficult in cases where the marital property includes a lot of complex assets, such as retirement accounts, real estate, stock options or ownership in a business.

We help high net-worth individuals reach better, fairer settlements that will give them the resources they need for their independent lives. We have the knowledge and experience to track down all types of assets, and to make sure you have an accurate value for them. Once we have all that in place, we have the skill to negotiate better settlements so that you have your fair share.

While most of these cases are settled out of court through negotiation or mediation, we are also highly skilled in arguing on behalf of our clients in court when that option meets our clients' needs.

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